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tv   WGN Midday News  CW  November 1, 2010 12:00pm-1:00pm CDT

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the killer -- suspected killer of toni keller was in court today. >> we welcome our viewers. we're live with the latest. , the man accused of killing the student now has a lawyer. a judge today appointed a public defender to represent him and he is facing a laundry
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list of charges. >> the defendant was advised. he has five counts. two are potentially eligible for death penalty. two of the counts involve arson and drill sexual assault, he has two other charges we filed against the defendant of obstruction of justice and possession of a possession of a motor vehicle. >> curl appeared in a county courtroom in dekalb this morning at a hearing that lasted about ten minutes. he looked down as the charges were read. when asked if he understood the charges he mumwelled -- mumbled. authorities found the charred almosts - remains and her possessions in a park near niu campus. authorities say they
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interviewed curl. he took off in his brother's car ending up in louisiana where he was arrested. and the next is november. thank you. security officials say package bombs addressed to chicago area synagogues were intercepted after a turn coat provided the tip that foiled the plot. they were on flights that were intercepted. the information came from a militant who surrendered to saudi arabia. a german security official say the bombs contained an explosive. investigators say they may have been intended to blow up the planes during flight. >> if they were set to detonate of their own accord, inflight makes sense. if they make to chicago having
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switched planes several times, they would need a system on the ground to detonate with a phone or something. there is a lot of information being withheld. >> officials say they believe the explosives were packed by the same bomber linked to the failed attempt last christmas. two men were arrested in greece today on suspicion of delivering mail bombs. they were caught after one exploded at a nearby delivery service spending the handler to the hospital. that bomb was addressed to the mexican embassy. one of the men longed to a group conspiracy nuclei of fire. another was addressed to the president of france. a suspect in a triple murder in harvey turned himself in over the weekend. police say the man turned himself in on friday. they will not release his name or details in the case but
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charges have not been filed. on october 24th, a mother was shot and killed and two others. and her 4-year-old son was shot but he survived. police believe the shootings could be drug related. >> police officer is recovering from a gunshot wound after he was shot by his partner following a car chase. that ended at the dammen exit when the car, their car, was struck by a squad car. an officer tried to pull three suspects from the car but shot in the leg. >> the chase started at 5:30 last night when the police tried pull it over on the west side. they say the driver tried to hit the officers with the car as he sped away. the suspects were all caught and the officer will make a full recovery. police have issued a warning to parents in schaumburg after two incidents of candy tampering. they received the candy after trick or treating. no one was hurt and in the
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cases it contained a foreign object. police are urging parents to double check all candy and throw away anything that appears to have been opened, tam perked or damaged. -- tam perked. the walls and mailings. and the candidates for governor are trying to win over the voters. we're live with the latest. >> reporter: in a state-wide police pat quinn is predicting a surge. >> the people in the land of lincoln, government of the people. there going to come in a mighty wave to vote. they will vote for our side. >> reporter: he is making a case for a return to
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springfield. he is hoping to defy the polls drawing voters to the ballot box. it will take a strong turnout for quinn to pull off a win, a win that the gop would love to have here in the president's home state. republican candidate bill brady hoping to ride the wave of anti- incumbent sentiment. >> the data is one thing unless they show up for the polls you will not win. we're concerned about turnout. the energy and excitement that we saw, i have never seen it attending rallies. he was at the trainization hoping to make in roads in this stronghold and the senator will
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work south and before returning to the area and finishing up in wheaton. when it comes to the front runners, the dark horse says he is the only one who put out details on fixing the $13 million budget deficit. >> we tax too much. and not enough on the wealthy. >> rich whitney says he does not believe the polls and neither should the voters. but experts say that whitney faces a battle. he will not be a major factor in the hard-fought battle. back to you. >> thank you, julian. tony pearica says his weekend arrest on charges of vandalising his opponent's campaign signs is revenge.
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his challenger is the mayor in mc cook. police pulled over a van after a tip that a man in the vehicle may have been tampering with signs. an officer saw a sign that looked like it had been rip aid part with a knife a witness identified pearica as the person who destroyed another sign outside of a restaurant. >> it is an abuse of police authority have i have seen by cook county measures. >> this a desperate man who is trying to steal it away. >> he says he was with a volunteer checking to see if his own signs had been damaged when he was stopped. >> next on the midday news, the government is spending a choice to storm a church where a congregation was held. is it worse than crack and heroin? the most dang rouse drugs.
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it could be a treatable condition called low testosterone, or low t. c'mon, stop living in the shadows. you've got a life to live. [ male announcer ] so don't blame it on aging. talk to your doctor and go to to find out more. . iraqi security forces stormed a church and it is not clear if the victims were killed during the rescue or the hostage taking. the pope said it was a terrible attack against unarmed people gathered in a house of god. indonesia's volcano let loose another explosion today,
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spewing clouds of gas and debris into the air and slopes of the volcano. 38 people have been killed since it erupted last week. more than 69,000 had been evacuated from the area. no new casualties are reported from the blast. and elsewhere, rescuered are bringing supplies to a distant island struck by the tsunami. it has reached 450. >> teen in atlanta was shot and killed over a prank. someone egged a car last night and the driver of that car left the scene then returned with a gun. he fired into the group of young men, a teen was killed. it's not clear if he was the person who threw the eggs. >> they are looking for the driver of the car. jury selection starts in the trial of a man accused of kidnapping elizabeth smart. brian mitchell is accused of kidnapping smart from her home in 2002.
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he held her cap stiff -- captive until she was rescued. she says during that time he abused her sexually and performed a mock marriage ceremony. his attorneys are planning to use the insanity defense. he faces life in prison if convicted. opening arguments in the trial of tom delay. he is accused of helping to illegally finance texas legislative races in 2002. and prosecutous say that delay and two others funneled money through a group to election legislative candidates in texas. under state law, corporate money cannot be used for political campaigns. if convicted he could face life in prison. he said the government does not have a case against him. you may be surprise wad some say is the most harmful drug. you can buy it at your local store -- alcohol.
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it is the most harmful of 20 drugs. it is ahead of crack and heroin. a new scale to evaluate physical and social harm caused by drugs through users -- users. it is three times as harmful. the study is in the lancet journal. a look at the top business stories. a great inexpensive dinner recipe. >> pork tenderloin.
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and judy wang joins us. and today's hearing not off
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to an emotional start. the victim was unable to get on the stand and read her own victim impact statement. she wiped away tears. the judge said that he has been working in the courthouse for 25 years, 17 of those as a judge, he has seen a lot. he did not hold back when he was expressing his disgust at the actions of the defendant n september two women were convicted of battery. jealousy was the reason for the attack. they were jealous a man they both dated started dating the victim. they recruited three teens to pour acid on her outside of her home in july of 2008. they beat her with a bat and stole her purse to make it look like a robbery t left her disfigured. she suffered burns and undergone 17 operations.
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the defendants had separate juries. it took one about an hour to convict garcia, the other two hours to convict the other defendant. through her statement she talked about the pain she feels doing things like a shower, brushing her death, the way people stare at her. you would need to feel the pain to understand it. cry something painful. crying is like powelling. i howled like an animal i was not a human being. after the hearing, she talked about how she is trying to move on with her life. >> going on with my life and the with the strength that i have and you know just live a normal life. go back to school whatever is coming. >> anything that you wish to study. >> i'm a social worker as masterings -- masters, something like that
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circumstances it a relief? >> it s this is what i was waiting for. >> the judge asked the defendants if she had anything to say. 44 years is the sentence she got that's short of the maximum. he did not give the defendant the maximum because she has no prior record. the other defendant in the case is scheduled to receive her sentence this week. judy wang, wgn news. i'm angie lau in chicago. the struggle for the spending dollar is continuing as consumers pinch their pennies. spending rose but incomes dropped in more than a year. an expert says that consumers are spending but they are sticking to necessarities --
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necessities. and manufacturing here at home is robust. the ism index said manufacturing increased to 56.9 last month. we saw a jump in orders and production. that's good news for the economy. the market for smart phones is buzzing. according to ken allist the third quarter smart phone shipments rose in from the same period last year. be careful this weekend if you use your iphone as your alarm clock. the apple insider said a bug with the iphone caused alarms in europe to go off an hour late today as that continent switched from daylight saving time. but the alarms did not. that could impact us here this sunday, november 7th when times fall back. if apple does not issue a update it will affect you users
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here as well. and on wall street right now, stocks are gaining today after china's manufacturing strengthens and data on spending and incomes underscored pressure on the reserve to boost growth. live at the exchange, angie lau. back to you. >> thank you. and james meeks is clearing some of his busy schedule to focus on running for mayor. he told members of the church he is handing off daily operations of the church to his senior staff. and if he wins the mayor's race, the executive pastor will run the church. meeks overseas one of the largest congregations sthrefplt collected more than 30,000 signatures to run for governor. rod blagojevich has a new job as a pitchman.
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>> rod blagojevich... does it innocently. >> he is now the pitch man for get cracking campaign and it is the first paid commercial for him. he says that the contents of the suitcase are like the accusations against him, quote, they're nuts. our interviews are next. that's next. and later and the morning benders.
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well, we're continuing our series of interviews in the general election races. >> our candidate is independent for governor scott lee cohen. he is running against rich whitney and quinn and brady and green. thank you for coming in. >> my pleasure. a crowded field. >> it is. it takes ten seconds to read. it you are a very successful businessman, you have been able to put millions into your campaign. we heard the commercials yet the poll shows you are getting about 4% of the vote. does that sound like a good return. you are a smart guy. >> the truth is we don't look at the polls and believe in the polls because we have never been in the time before we're in unchartered waters. polls can not reflect that. and besides that, poll is only as good as how you ask the
12:26 pm
question. they are not sound. i assure you that i'm polling higher than 10%. >> if you are governor, you have your work cut out for you. it is more than 10 billion. how would you make that up? >> the deficit is 14 billion. that's what we think it s we don't know n 2007, the auditor general had a report, they don't have any idea what is going on. the programs they're offering. where the money is going. we don't have a handle on what the deficit is. what you are hearing, that's just what the career politicians want to you hear. but to answer the question people can go to my web site. i have a plan to lower the
12:27 pm
deficit by 11 billion. >> give us highlights. >> we have 800 billion for, 800 billion for the pension reform. we have 300 billion cutting non- essential spending. that's not important that's the governor flying around in a plane. that's 700,000 that is spent on meat that's spoiled. >> will you raise taxes? >> no. here is why, i'm talking as a businessman now, if we raise taxes in the state, we'll drive more businesses out of the state and cause a bigger deficit. the state has implemented 300 fees, fines and penalties. we're not a business friendly state. that's the first priority not to raise taxes but remove the
12:28 pm
fees, fines and penalties. look at texas t is number 3 in the nation for job growth. there is no reason with the leadership why illinois could not be number one or two. >> you feel that you have good innight that obviously. >> sure. >> in your campaign you talk about job fairs. you can tell us how many found employment, i will tell you this, thousands came through. we had 8 successful. i can tell you that people have jobs. the media felt it was important to, it is a real job, part time, full time or a commissioned based job. they are off the streets and making money. a legitimate way to provide for
12:29 pm
their families. >> you the morning news and asked if you you reduce released taxes returns. you had not done it but you planned to. if any it is not anything that i'm doing. >> it is late. >> the election is tomorrow. >> you will not get them? >> i don't know if you will get them today, i don't. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. >> nice to meet new person. >> and coverage will start with the evening news at 5 p.m. and it continues from 6 to 9. at 9 and until the races are decided we'll have results and reaction. the evening is being streamed live on wgn. >> the forecast coming up and mike labno stops by.
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tom is joining us now. this is a big week, how about the election day weather. >> no problem there. you know in the last three and a half weeks whaoerbgs a half inch of rain. >> it has been dry, amazing how quiet it has been. we closed october, the books shut on it last night at midnight a month that averaged 4 degrees above normal and saw a fraction of the normal rain fall. .93 for the month. that's pretty amazing. you know we used 59% the heating that we required last october because it was so mild. over 7 degrees warmer than october a year ago. and days like this. it accounts for some, well it
12:33 pm
reduced the need for heating but it was chilly this morning. you bring that out. it help as bit. look at the low temperatures that went down to the 20s at sugar grove. west chicago and valpo t was cool. here is a plot of the temperatures many areas in the 30s and the lake upper 30s at that. and it was the western and southern suburbs. now as we come at noon, 50 degrees. that said and 5 2 at this hour at fen eva. and we have wind chills that range from the mid40s to the low 50s across the area. they're not low because the fact of the matter is that the winds are light. and they're nothing compared to the fiasco we went through where the storm that went across the midwest. there is the view from the southern suburbs. this is from space. there is a curl here in the
12:34 pm
mass. that's well organized system. and it is trapping any moisture heading north and the fact of the matter is that rain is not the problem. this is the next two and a half days. you can see the little precipitation in the area. later in the week, we have some cool air coming and here is why, we expect a big ridge to develop and winds will blow in like this from canada. the european centers models are bringing it down the length of the lake and clouds and some rain showers that may have a couple of ice pellets. and in northwest indiana or illinois later in the week. cool air. that's how it unfolds. this is the mass and kind of we're on the edge of it. you will see how the air plows in here and the cold air. thursday and friday. there is a warm up that comes in over the weekend as new cold air develops that the west. that will be next week.
12:35 pm
and by sunday we could jump back to the mid-60s around chicago. a nice late season warm weather treat. here is the high pressure that has it cool now. we're on the southwest end of this. the winds are from the east. here is the system passing to the south of us. see how the ridge holds in place here? the fact it is sweeping up before it comes north keeps us dry. the winds will be southwest the day after tomorrow and here is the start of the cold front that will swing across the area a roaring north wind highs in the 40s. the current temperatures on a continental basis. nothing terrible. this is typical stuff. and that is some of the cold air. 50 here in chicago.
12:36 pm
not much cooler than that as you head to the line. it has warmed up over what we see but here in the plains states. there you see how dry it is. the dew point. winds are south. humidity is and we have a 56 lake water temperature. eyes are on tomas. wins above it are blowing that they are disorganizing the storms that must get argued to do its thing. it is no long area hurricane but the winds are to let up and the fear is that it will go over the caribbean and spin up and make -- head up to haiti. that's just disaster of monumental portions. there is a cholera outbreak.
12:37 pm
thousands in tent villages. that's being watched. that's later in the week. sunny and cool. high temperature 563. the winds are employing at 4 to 13 miles an hour. clear and chilly. high clouds. mid-to-upper 20s. and the low 40s. o'hare will bottom out at 36. sunny and chilly and 54 tuesday the front approaches so, some clouds, a sprinkle in the afternoon. a high of 57. west to southwest wind in the afternoon but it turns north and we get cold, coolest of the season to date. butt it is transient and warm up late in the weekend that's kind of nice. >> that's why we like autumn.
12:38 pm
>> it that's right. welcome to november. >> thanks. illinois lottery draw something next. 3q are you suffering from frequent heartburn ? heartburn that keeps coming back ? then you're ready for zegerid otc. zegerid otc is the first 24-hour treatment ever with two active ingredients: prescription-strength medicine plus a protective ingredient that shields the medicine from stomach acid so it's effectively absorbed. just one zegerid otc capsule a day can relieve your heartburn all day and all night. if you have frequent heartburn, try dual-ingredient zegerid otc. heartburn solved.
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the race for senate. >> we have mike labno and he is running against mark kirk and lee allen jones and alexi
12:44 pm
ginnaoulias. he joins us live now. thank you for being here. >> thank you for having me on i appreciatate it. >> tell us how you are different from the two candidates kirk and alexi ginnaoulias. >> the philosophy is freedom across the board. we unbelievable freedom in personal lives but financially. and we believe that, leply at the federal level and the limited government, we feel it has brown out of control. the foreign policy is poor our fiscal, our monetary have exceeded the limits that our founders laid on us. we want to restore power to the people. >> talk about your campaign, you have been shut out of the debates, you have are speaking to corporations you are not getting a lot of money from the big corporations or special interests. not a lot of cash. you are a long shot, why you are in the race? >> the important thing is that
12:45 pm
we're spreading the message. people are fed up, i don't care if i talk to democrats or republicans, i go to events and i walk away leaving with friends at both places because they like the message that i'm presenting that the government is not working for you any more. they throw a couple of bones at you and make us fight over it. but in the end we have to get them out of the arena of corporate america. >> how would you apply that philosophy of the job of senator? >> well, i think the important thing is that instead of looking at laws and regulations we have to repeal a lot of things. >> does that include health care. >> absolutely. >> health care it is something that everyone wants. and it is important. you look at something like eye surgery that's developed. it was he expensive.
12:46 pm
not reliable but now without regilio eye late by the government the price has gone down and it is accessible. the government did not need to be involved. >> you want costs down, how would do you that? >> well there are a lot of ways to do that. there are not enough doctors. >> supply and demand. >> the ama? >> they need to be more universities so that more students can be doctors one day. every doctor will tell you that nurses are the greatest asset. and the country does not allow nurses to do as much as they are capable of doing. >> tell me this, how would a libertarian run and avoid the financial collapse in 2008. >> very simple, instead of bailing out banks and handing over a politicalon worth of my
12:47 pm
children's money or future children's money. the banks should have been able to file for bankruptcy 5áedz restructure or allow 1000 banks to come in and negotiate. we have dropping house prices if they could renegotiate they could have done that with the customers and the people that own the homes and the lost values could have been in line with the newly negotiatated rates. >> and the libertarian candidate. thank you. >> and another programming note about our coverage. tomorrow night on cl tv, paul lisnek will take your calls in a call in show. we'll have lunch break next. [ woman ] alright, so this tylenol 8 hour lasts 8 hours. but aleve can last 12 hours.
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time for lunch break and the chef is here. >> i know you are good because that's what keeps people coming back. it is and we released not long ago. and. >> sounds good. >> we have a pork tenderloin.
12:51 pm
>> and it is with salt and pepper and a bit of thyme on this. and we're going to get that going. and let that cook here a bit. we'll move that. >> sure. >> and let me ask to you take that bowl. i have this sliced. >> and white potato, rasins, red onions. fresh thyme. anything there and flour. and and flower.
12:52 pm
no other way. and that is mixed circumstances that good enough. and. >> i'm take that from you. we'll get these going here. >> i'm making a couple of small ones. this can be made fairly quickly. >> you are sering the outside? >> and at this point and. >> don't let them brown too much. and going on here. these will take 3, 4 minutes a great time of year.
12:53 pm
and you can do it with pears. >> what are these, i sauteed them, these look like they are ready to go. we'll give them a flip here. >> wow! >> this is a couple of minutes. >> yes. >> they are sweet. >> that could be fine. >> we and several restaurants, we have our fine dining restaurant and buffets and a casual dining restaurant. we do a great job at. and, we'll feature it, dry it any time. >> and not at the buffet.
12:54 pm
they are finishing up. i have prepareed a plate ahead of time. we can finish the pork. >> so you see. >> finish that. >> how it looks. >> and put some of the apple with it, we'll put those. i will finish that. >> that looks delicious. >> apples that's correct looks wonderful. >> and check out harrah's the cookbook and for more information on recipes check out our web site at thank you. >> thank you. have a great afternoon. >> thank you. (vet)q i love working with animals,
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but my allergies put me in a fog. so now, i'm claritin clear! claritin works great on all my allergies like dust, mold, pollen, or pets without making me drowsy, cause i want to be alert around this big guy. live claritin clear. indoors and out. fabulous weather for this. and and ta will be cool.
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and it will be beautiful warmed up over what we have seen. and staying at levels and at 5. 52% and 53 and watch this animation and the big ridge that's going to boy is that going to bring a low of cold air thursday and friday. and they are due north running down into chicago. that brings warmer air in and next week to be followed by
12:58 pm
chilly air. and next week. that's tomas and the winds but that could turn up to haiti. and increase in intensity. that's a satellite view of it. that's a story unfolding. for us and a sprinkle wednesday afternoon much cooler. mostly cloudy and gusty 40s and 30s. we'll make sure. >> thank you for joining us. we'll leave with you more live music from the morning benders. p
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